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Governments Worldwide


This is a resource created for CEOs and Entrepreneurs and everyday people. The Governments Worldwide section is a landing page for MANY linked resource pages about The Government Infrastructure that rules a Country, or in some cases, many countries. The necessity for creating the sections you’ll see linked below became obvious after Peterson Teixeira, Founder & CEO noticed that in 2019 Google was showing FAKE government AND military websites on its own search results, with fake websites appearing 1st while official government websites were far from position number one. Because the evidence that Google is a criminal company that has been engaging in business sabotage for years straight is coming out now, and because Peterson Teixeira noticed that Google has been secretly attempting to confuse real entrepreneurs and businessmen — and christians — who know what they’re doing, the resources below became a obvious need for honest entrepreneurs and everyday people. If there are any corrupt politicians or criminal businesspeople actively trying to turn the entire Government Infrastructure against its own honest, hardworking people, this page is here to reinforce that THE PEOPLE IS HERE to hold them accountable. And we don’t like criminal activity. Especially if it’s coming from our own governments.

These are the core areas you can currently learn more about:

  • Government Infrastructure: USA
  • Government Infrastructure: BRAZIL
  • Government Infrastructure: EUROPE
  • Government Infrastructure: INTERNATIONAL

Just choose the country that you want below.
Enjoy your resources and remember that governments are not working for a while now due to criminal, corrupt individuals. But make no mistake: there’s some who do remain honest, and actively fighting corruption and criminals disguised as politicians while defending those who have elected them at the same time.