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Marketing Services

This is not a game. This is not another Marketing agency. This is where companies come when they’re tired of hiring people who don’t really care about their brands, wasting their time and patience just to take their money. You’re talking to the real Marketing Calvary right now. You have finally found real help. Because the goal of this Company is to dominate the market and the only way to do that, is by leveraging other people’s business and giving them massive success.

This company is here to serve.
Honesty. Transparency. Expertise. There’s no reason for half-talks.
So here are the services we currently offer to your business (click to go to them directly):

Now, here are a few impressive statistics many business owners should be aware of, before considering buying any Marketing Project. And that includes any projects from my own company as well.


ADVERTISING FREQUENCY — Overall, 84% of people think advertising interruptions while reading text or watching videos are too frequent.

ADVERTISING TARGETING — Overall, 73% of people think advertising interruptions while reading text or watching videos do not meet their personal interest and preferences.

ADVERTISING BLOCKING CAPABILITIES — Overall, 61% of people are aware of SEVERAL alternatives to block advertising interruptions while reading text or watching videos.

ADVERTISING PERSONAL INTEREST — Overall, 50% of people are interested in advertising messages that meet their personal interests and preferences.

ADVERTISING PAY-TO-REMOVE INTENT — Overall, 42% of people are planning to pay for solutions that removes advertising interruptions while they’re reading text or watching videos.

Data: based on a survey of 28.000 consumers across 28 different countries
Source: MarketingCharts


THE AGE OF AIR-TYPING, TOUCHING INTERFACES AND TALKING TO DEVICES IS COMING TO STAY — A notable majority of the respondents (64%) favored the idea that by 2020 user interfaces will offer advanced talk, touch, and typing options, and some added a fourth “T” — think. Those who chose to elaborate in extended responses disagreed on which of the four will make the most progress by 2020. There was a fairly even yes-no split on the likely success of voice-recognition or significant wireless keyboard advances and mostly positive support of the advance of interfaces involving touch and gestures—this was highly influenced by the introduction of the iPhone and various multitouch surface computing platforms in 2007 and 2008. A number of respondents projected the possibility of a thought-based interface—neural networks offering mind-controlled human-computer interaction.

THE DIVISION BETWEEN PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL TIME WILL DISAPPEAR — A majority of expert respondents (56%) agreed with the statement that in 2020 “few lines (will) divide professional from personal time, and that’s OK.” While some people are hopeful about a hyperconnected future with more freedom, flexibility, and life enhancements, others express fears that mobility and ubiquity of networked computing devices will be harmful to most people by adding to stress and challenging family life and social life.

THE MOBILE PHONE WILL BE THE DOMINANT CONNECTION TOOL &mdash More than three-quarters of the expert respondents (77%) agreed with a scenario that posited that the mobile computing device—with more significant computing power in 2020—will be the primary Internet communications platform for a majority of people across the world. They agreed that connection will generally be offered under a set of universal standards internationally, though many registered doubts about corporations’ and regulators’ willingness to make it happen.

Data: based on a survey of 578 internet experts such as leading Internet activists, builders, and commentators, along with 618 stakeholders.

The Business World has changed and now even small businesses can pick a fight with big companies one-on-one. The right kind of Marketing has never been such a crucial part of a business because you don’t want your competitors reaching faster to the best customers of your audience nor making the right partnerships.

You have INTERNATIONAL reach nowadays, but you must know how to use it.
Where to place your links? What types of content should you publish? What social networks should you invest time, workforce and money? What influencers actually have the ability to give you 80% of the results that your company currently needs?

This is not a game.
Money matters. Customers matters. More sales matters.
That’s why this company sells surgical exposure, a more powerful presence in your niche.

Because you can’t spend another day experiencing obscurity in business and sacrificing results. The more you wait, the faster your competitors advance and conquer in today’s world.
But look, don’t let me get inside your head…

And please be honest with yourself because it’s your business at stake here:


Answer #1: “I must be honest. It’s not bringing me the results that I expected.”
Answer #2: “I think I can improve something, but I don’t know exactly what.”
Answer #3: “I’m not confident that my brand is being taken care of.”
Answer #4: “I feel like I’m just wasting money on this online marketing thing.”
Answer #5: “I don’t have a marketing project, maybe that’s why I’m not getting results.”

Did you fit into any of these profiles?
Ok, then we need to talk for the next 5 minutes.

Let’s cut to the chase: I love Challenges. I just love them. If things are hard and everything is very difficult to beat, great. Time to play and crack the code. Easy is not fun enough. And I’m here to have fun as well. Therefore, if you truly did your research, you know that this is no ordinary Marketing. This is a very DIFFERENT marketing approach which caught your attention, even in such competitive online space.

This is why I can put businesses on another level.
Because “DIFFERENT” is my rule of thumb.

Where’s the fun or real glory in mimic other businesses? None. ZERO.
It doesn’t appeal to me at all to waste time embracing mediocrity just to make money.

Therefore, the answer to your core question is “Yes”.
Yes, YOU WILL get what you want here: INCREASE Sales.
Professional Tools, Marketing strategies, and everything else will guarantee you results.
That’s a promise.

But there’s one thing: You need to qualify first as a customer.
That’s right. I don’t accept any customer. This is a two-way street.

The reason why I deliver so well and why I’ve grown so fast is exactly because I know how to choose my customers. The right relationship with like-minded people is what sells here. An important point here.

Now, if your interests match with mine, then the game begins.
And The Ultimate Goal I’ll put in my mind will be to make YOUR business MY business.
Because money is not my end goal. Branding, on the other hand, is. The rest is simply secondary.

Forget games here. This is just pure business. A true win-win situation.
You ultimately want more sales. And I’m obsessed with building a Legacy.
The goal I have is simple: When the word “Marketing” is mentioned by two people in a conversation in any country of this world, my brand must be the very first thing in those people’s minds. Period.

That was my quick message to you.
Now let’s focus on what matters because time is running up.

The Copywriting service is the area of Marketing that deals with Psychology-based marketing to increase a company’s sales and/or engagement levels of customers/users/prospects. It involves improving copy in order to grab attention and influence the user to take the desired action. It can be implemented on any are that has a piece of text, such as Form buttons, Article Headlines, Sales Letters, Ads and more.

The ultimate goal of Copywriting is having a person take the action your company wants, whether that is buying a product, sharing a post, click on a button, downloading a file, opening an email, subscribing to a newsletter or other similar actions.


  • COPYWRITING AUDIT — The audit is conducted at the start of the project to diagnose what areas your brand needs to upgrade in order to achieve the desired results and goals. It’s purely copywriting analysis based on expertise along with your target audience’s psychological behavior.
  • COPYWRITING PROJECT DEVELOPMENT — The project execution. Here all diagnosed points are fixed and the copy is improved to generate the results you want. Every piece of copy that needs to be optimized is developed and implemented in this part. All form buttons, all headlines, all subject lines etc.
  • COPYWRITING DELIVERABLES — Documents are delivered with every Copywriting action explained so you can understand why every piece of copy produced should be applied to all areas specified. All mental triggers and psychological marketing techniques approached via Copywriting are described in more detail on project documentation.

PS: All Copywriting Projects are also personalized since it involves your company’s market, your competitors, your target audience’s psychological profiles and other variables.

The Content Marketing Strategy service is about providing the best content strategy possible to getting the results you want. There are several goals brands may want to achieve via content marketing, such as increasing website traffic, maximize user retention, increase sales, maximize conversions, user engagement and more. Through content creation a brand can be viewed as an expert in the field which is why many companies now are making heavy investments on this new marketing trend, because it massively reinforces brand authority which causes them to be easily found on search engines, leveraging business opportunities like a virus.

Because every link pointing to a piece of your content, whether that’s videos, images, articles, podcasts or any other form, becomes a 24/7 salesman to your company. It constantly sells your business’ products and services all year long, once you know what to publish in your company’s blog and on social media profiles.

This is why you’ll hear Marketers say very often: “Content is King”.
The more high-quality content you have linked to your brand, the easier it will be for your company to be perceived as a respected and authoritative brand in your field. And such brands always have market share. The opportunity to dominate the market naturally involves content.


  • CONTENT MARKETING ANALYSIS — The analysis is conducted at the start of the project to diagnose if your brand’s content needs any content optimization since it’s the company’s foundation. Like almost all other previous services offered here, everything needs to be built upon a high-quality structure to generate the best results for your brand. Besides, for certain brands, only a content optimization project will suffice for achieving the company’s desired results.
  • CONTENT MARKETING PROJECT DEVELOPMENT — The project execution. Here all diagnosed points are fixed and content marketing strategy is created based on the market’s best practices, which involves data-driven strategies such as content categories that get more shares, content that generates more sales/engagement and more. Every strategy created here has the support of several content marketing tools, along with reliable market research sources that deliver all market data necessary to build the most powerful content marketing strategy to your company.
  • CONTENT MARKETING DELIVERABLES — Documents are delivered with every Content specified so you can understand how the content strategy will work in practice once implemented in your marketing channels. Any other content particularities that are necessary to project’s success, are also covered in project documentation.

The final and most complete service is shown below.

The Complete Marketing Strategy involves these 3 core pillars: Marketing Channels + Marketing + Strategies + Tools. Everything is done to increase traffic and conversions to your business. Through market research, we’ll build together the best marketing strategies for today’s market reality and deliver them through the most ideal Marketing channels according to your expectations (short, medium or long term).

Just to be clear, here are some examples of MARKETING CHANNELS:

  • Blogs
  • Apps
  • QR Codes
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yandex etc)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube etc)
  • PayPerClick (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Instagram Ads etc)

These and more channels are considered in the beginning of the project for creating a Top Marketing Strategy that will get you one thing: THE CUSTOMER’S ATTENTION. The thing brands need the most to survive and grow, especially in a world where there’s excessive competition and everybody can start a business.

A research will be conducted to reveal how each of your buying personas behave on the main marketing channels today, along with your overall target audience. We’ll deal with the specifics, and the general view as well. Since it demands for my customers both time and money, which will be invested for months, a true and in-depth research on how the company’s target audience really is, is done in order to specify with more precision where to strike customers.


  • MARKET ANALYSIS — The analysis is conducted at the start of the project to diagnose what areas your brand needs to upgrade in order to achieve the desired results and goals. It’s purely copywriting analysis based on expertise along with your target audience’s psychological and data-oriented behavior.
  • MARKETING STRATEGY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT — The project execution. Here all diagnosed marketing channels problems are covered and the necessary strategies are developed using advanced tools to maximize growth and diminish workload. All marketing tools and strategies are chosen based on how your company’s market is currently behaving, considering psychological profile and buying patterns so customers can notice your brand faster, buy more instinctively and reinforce your company’s dominance in the marketplace.
  • MARKETING STRATEGY DELIVERABLES — Documents are delivered with every Marketing strategy explained in detail so you or your team can understand why every tool/strategy should be applied. All techniques recommended are described in more detail on project documentation to prevent you from missing strategic information, and every document assumes that the company knows nothing on this subject so advanced marketing techniques can be easily understood by the professionals who’ll implement them.

Now let’s address something important.
Very important for both.

Negative. Because I don’t sell to everyone who has the money to pay. You must qualify first. Therefore, next, there are a few short but effective questionnaires that depending on your answer, will indicate if you strongly need any kind of marketing service to change your results.

The questionnaires involve the next core areas that can change your marketing results:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy

Let’s test your answers.
Check if you qualify.

If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers bounce from your Landing Pages frequently?
  • Q2: Do you have everything right and at place but sales numbers are frozen or low?
  • Q3: Do people leave your company’s website very fast without interacting with it?
  • Q4: Do you constantly produce content but visitors never bother to click on them?
  • Q5: Would you admit that by cold reading your copy you wouldn’t buy from yourself?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Content Marketing Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers constantly ignore the content you publish?
  • Q2: Do you have a very low ROI after putting hours and hours of work in content creation?
  • Q3: Does your brand’s content look amateurish in comparison with your TOP competitors?
  • Q4: Would you prefer to read/consume your competitor’s content over yours?
  • Q5: Have you invested loads of money and workforce and didn’t get new partnerships or customers?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Social Media Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers ignore your social pages frequently?
  • Q2: Do you have a very low following in comparison with the amount of work invested?
  • Q3: Do you share everything in your social profiles without considering your audience’s taste?
  • Q4: Do you constantly produce content that doesn’t get any interactions?
  • Q5: Do you constantly get a low number of business leads via your social profiles/pages?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Link Building Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do you have a very high-quality website and content and still get low traffic?
  • Q2: Do you know which brands/websites are linking to yours, and how?
  • Q3: Are you getting leads and traffic that never convert into buyers?
  • Q4: Are weaker competitors showing on media while your superior work is being ignored?
  • Q5: Have you lost links and your traffic dropped, killing your exposure?

And the final question:


That’s it. You decide now.
Think about the questions and question yourself about your own results.
Now the final point: “How much all this is going to cost me?”.

The information involving pricing is shown below.


The investment/pricing is shown on the page where the consultancy process is fully explained. Currently, only bigger projects that involve marketing are being accepted by this company. So if you want to know more about how consultancy works, just click below.


Time to dominate the market, my friend.

P.S: Simple Warning — If you want to schedule a meeting with me to talk about your business project, do it quickly please so I can fit you in my agenda. Play fast my friend. The time is now.

Peterson Teixeira
CEO & Founder