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This is a resource created for CEOs and Entrepreneurs and Journalists. The CEO WARS section is a landing page for MANY linked resource pages that talk about The Realities of Running a Business and facing several fronts of resistance from criminal companies and individuals who use anti-competitive business measures to block powerful companies and entrepreneurs such as Peterson Teixeira Company. After publishing The Global Financial Crisis Manifesto it became obvious to Peterson Teixeira, Founder & CEO, that Peterson Teixeira Company’s communication channels were under heavy sabotage, in order to prevent the company, the founder and the business to succeed while blocking the company’s cashflow at the same time. That means Web Hosting Providers and Telecommunications Companies are secretly working against rising, powerful companies and entrepreneurs for some sort of Wealth Control criminal agenda. However, along the journey there were many other cases of business sabotage done against WWW.PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM and its Founder & CEO, like the ones coming from criminal Big Tech companies such as Google and Facebook. These cases are also linked here. And since Business is a mix of WAR and SPORTS, Peterson Teixeira believes this is neverending, hence why the need for creating CEO WARS.

These are the core areas you can currently learn more about:

Just choose the CEO WAR that you want below.
Enjoy your resources and remember that a lot of things nowadays are not working for a while now due to extreme criminal activity in corporations and governments. But make no mistake: there are many businesspeople, entrepreneurs and companies who do remain honest, and actively working to serve customers better while fighting criminal enterprises and individuals disguised as “businesspeople” at the same time.